Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"Busy, page-flipping chapters"

An 80 degree day to soak in the sun and the book of Romans

Dinner and Celtic Fiddle time with Zachary and his Mom

The moon, presiding gracefully over the late night pre-concert preparation 

Post Concert Ivy Celebration

Chicago trip with Abbie and Ryan!

Enjoying the between service sunshine on Blanchard lawn and talking over the morning's incredibly impactful sermon from Josh Moody on Romans 8: 31-25. I think I'll be listening to this one a few more times over the next few weeks. 

After church lunch on the Northside dock

Ladies bible study at Morton Arboretum. I'm so very thankful for these ladies and the way they point me to Christ and grace and truth. (Left to right: Kristina, Abigael, Sandy and Jodee)

Coffee and a walk with Ms. Lisa

Golf at Village Links. Felt good to swing again in the warm sunshine!

Morton in a blaze of glory like I've never seen it before. These shots don't begin to capture it. 

Shannon's first lesson with Mr. Zafer :)

Lunch with Hannah and Destiny

First rehearsal with Of Wire and Wood