Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An (early) birthday with my favorite people

Favorite Breakfast

Lovely gifts

Special table

Favorite meal

Well loved movie

A walk to the point with my favorites

Making cookies with Mum and Daddy 

Full of cookies and coffee, we pulled out shoeboxes of pictures and reminisced about old times

Below are a few of my favorite memories captured on film. I have been so abundantly blessed with such a tremendous family. Looking at these pictures reminded me - overwhelmingly - of this fact and has turned into grateful prayer once again as I post them (mostly for myself) here. 

Backyard rope swinging with Ben

Easter Egg hunt with the whole family at Aunt Becky's house in Asheville, NC

Reading with Papa

Raising Monarchs from egg to Butterfly

Hiking with Ben

Birthdays of the past (with Ben and Mum)

A present from Ben

(Lots of) backyard sports with Ben and Daddy

Sarah Beth was always ready to indulge (and inspire) my imagination for hours...and hours...and hours

...and read to me for as many hours (and more)

...and endure all my other creative shenanigans. (Yes I did that to her)

I was apparently very pleased with my handiwork

Making bread with Mum at the Frontier Culture Museum

Making soap with Sarah Beth at the Frontier Culture Museum 

I think this may be my favorite picture of my childhood. I feel like nothing has changed about my idea of a good time. 

The frog Mum caught for me and helped me keep for weeks

Cousin time with Grace

Cooking with Mum

First orchestra concert

Playing hide and seek with my little munchkin. He seriously was the cutest