Sunday, March 31, 2013

La vita e bella...

Rather than trying to catch up on the many occurrences and ponderings of the 3 months which have elapsed since the last post, I will offer a few inadequate pictures and a deep sigh of gratitude for the opportunity to live within and marvel at the working of God in the last few days.

1) Today's wonderfully refreshing visit out in Geneva with so many dear friends - old and new!! We shared a wonderful meal at the Musil's, had a musical jam session, played a few rounds of Dutch Blitz and rounded the day out with a walk (which involved hunting for any signs of living plant life, staring into holes in the ground and rolling down a hill on the golf course. A normal walk with the boys, yeah?)

2) For the privilege of watching God's hand at work in the life of one of my closest friends over the last four years. On Friday, Levi asked Jaime to marry him....and she said yes!! :) Seeing their story begin four years ago, then walking with Jaime through the three years of waiting with no idea of God's plan and now this whirlwind arrival to the beautiful end God had in mind all along was such a deep rebuke to my lack of trust in the face of the unknown. May their story always be a reminder to me to live with confidence in my Sovereign Savior's good plans even when I don't or can never know the end of the story.