Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Break in Kansas

Last weekend, my chamber group from last year, The Schubert Road Quintet, hit the road for a reunion with our dear cellist Sarah who has since married and moved to Kansas. She now lives on a beautiful farm, and we had the privilege and wonderful joy of entering that world for a few days. We played a lot of music (including a concert for the local nursing home), ate our full of wonderful food, went fishing and shooting, drove the farm trucks, rode in the combine as it harvested a plentiful crop of soybeans and corn, fed the cows and visited the pigs, spent a refreshing morning at the little country church, warmed ourselves in the light of a great bonfire, gazed up into the clear night sky full of a breathtaking display of stars and talked and laughed till our hearts were full and our stomach muscles sore. It was hard to leave and I'm sure I'll be back one day. Until then, all our love, Dear Sarah.