Monday, July 27, 2015


Here we go!! (Southern Prep style :) 

Late night burgers at the Rt. 66 Diner

The local gathering spot

Walmart for S'more supplies

Saturday we went to the Settler's Festival in St. Roberts

There were duck races :P 

We went Levi's post to look around. (Zeus refused to climb the stairs :D)

In the afternoon, we took over a truck load of things to the Benson's new house. 

Sunday morning we all went to the Benson's church and then  out to a lunch at a thoroughly southern steak house. Then it was off home for me. I wish I could have taken pictures the whole way home - it was so incredibly beautiful! But I couldn't help pulling off to take these two pictures towards the end of the drive. 

Mum and Daniel

All ready for them to arrive!

Daniel came with me to CODA. The kids thought he (and his Stratego skills) were pretty awesome. 

Lunch at the Fox River

Sad sonic day (resulting in much hilarity)

His Majesty arriving for some lunch

My turn

Necessary war-time victuals

We all went to see Inside Out that night. #1 How is he that tall? #2 Can you tell we are related? 

After work dinner with Mum 

Friday Morning walk at Morton Arboretum

Friday Afternoon Daniel and I drove back out to the Fox River (with successful Sonic this time). 

Obligatory gate picture 

Daniel found a Cardinal's nest!!

Inside the "jail" 

Pork Chops for Dinner

Saturday Morning adventure to downtown Chicago with Daniel. We had to take the trains of course!

French Market Donuts

We worked our way through the city to the Fine Arts building, and of course we started with the bookstore

For an hour

or two

Lunch at Epic Burger

Buckingham Fountain

Sunday Morning coffee by the neighborhood lake

Sunday afternoon I played as first violinist with the Aura String Quartet in our inaugural wedding gig. It went perfectly (except for my 20 measures of personal composition in Handel's Hornpipe. A#'s are hard sometimes)

Then we went out to dinner to celebrate

Monday morning Daniel and I went out to Morton Arboretum one more time and had a glorious adventure. 

Apparently large fish also enjoy Ezekiel bread. 

Library time with a coveted collection