Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May 19th - May 31st

Westminster Girls Brunch with Sarah Beth meant an excuse to have honey goat cheese and raspberry preserves and fruit and chocolate covered espresso beans

Saturday night, we got dressed up and Josh treated me to an unspeakably delicious dinner at the Vintage Tavern. The most perfectly fried fresh oysters, a wonderful salad, cornbread and cheddar biscuits made from scratch and Smithfield Ribs smoked to perfection. 

There is a little garden oasis surrounding the restaurant and two fire pits, heartily ablaze as the sun goes down. 

After dinner, we found our own candlelight to finish off the culinary delights with dark chocolate sea salt caramel truffles and fell into deep conversation for a few more hours.

Sunday morning, I woke up sick and spent a few days in bed. By Thursday night, I was itching for a bit of fresh air and Josh took me out to the Izaak Walton League preserve...a peaceful oasis full of grand old trees, thick most, sparkling waters and meandering paths which beckon away into the forest. 

Despite the wet weather and consequently soggy wood, we managed to get a fire going and figure out a schedule for the summer that would help us balance all the many wonderful things that seem to keep dropping themselves into our lap and filling the hours to capacity.

On Saturday morning, Daniel and I went to the golf course for the first time together. 
He was a total natural!! :) 

That afternoon, Josh and went strawberry picking!

After we got plenty of strawberries for a future strawberry shortcake, we headed out to Fort Boykin just outside of Smithfield. The first of many visits here I hope!

The water was perfect and so refreshing!!

Unfortunately, rock skipping and swimming ended a little earlier than we preferred because I sliced my foot open on an old bit of metal jutting out of a man made rock wall in the bay.

We still made good use of the sunshine and sea breezes to read some Silmarillion and enjoy a bit of music with the waves.

Sunday evening we got to hang out as a family and have a good long talk

Monday morning we enjoyed a rare leisurely breakfast out with the whole family at one of our favorite local spots. Great conversation and super delicious food!!

Despite the forecast, it turned out to be a gorgeous day!!

Tuesday night, after a very productive SPS meeting, I stopped by Josh and we watched the sun go down over the pond and talked and prayed while the backwoods choir tuned up and the fireflies came out one at a time to dance in the twilight. By the time we reluctantly headed home there were hundreds of them twinkling jubilantly in and out of the ripe winter wheat field like so many gleeful christmas lights.

Friday, May 19, 2017

May 8th - May 18th

A visit from dear friends (and a picnic on the wharf)

Dinner at our favorite little BBQ place in Suffolk

A stroll in the woods on a cool evening 

Time to read and think and talk in the deep peace of the woods as the sun slowly faded and the first summer fireflies came out to dance

Listening to this handsome fella play...never gets old!

Early morning coffee, conversation and nails with my lovely friend Lynne

Live music while I did the dishes including an improvisatory rhyming song about all the various kinds of popcorn entitled "Moose Munch" that left us in stitches :) 

The verse in my pocket this week

Recording with a new mic for students as they get ready for our upcoming recital

Saturday's Picnic at Westminster

Down to The Point to split a mastershake and wind down from all the crowds

A splendid (early) Sunday morning in the Hope for Suffolk Garden

At the Nursery with Mum on Mothers Day

A little Supper of the Lamb in the sunshine

Finding flowers for the Mothers day table

Mother's Day Dinner

Lark rise!! :) :) 

Monday Night Coffee and a walk around Ghent with Melody

A few minutes on the Wharf between lessons

The lovely Hilton at night


A fantastically delicious fresh salad for lunch yesterday

Twenty amazing minutes on the golf course between lessons and worship practice last night. 

Oh how wonderful it felt to feel that perfect contact and sweet "ping" again on that last shot!!