Thursday, May 30, 2013

Southern Summer Family Nights

Tonight was one of those perfect nights: not because it was grand but because it held all the best things in free supply.  Simple joys savored with those I love most. This past week has felt so busy and I found myself struggling more than usual to stop and take in the small joys that cheerfully bombard my days at every turn - if my eyes are open. But tonight I felt that enchanted wonder creeping back into my soul with every moment as it came. I breathed a little deeper. My heart smiled again. Thankfulness rose like incense.  So here are a few of those moments:

1) Fireflies dancing in the twilight under a perfectly clear sky.
2) The banquet of stars spread across this southern sky
3) Family dinner with my big brother home: I love that man so much and every moment I get to spend with him is a treasure that I hold dearly.
4) A really wonderful (and thoroughly southern) dinner :) Succotash, Sweet potatoes, Lemon Pepper Pork chops, fresh fruit and all the sweet tea you could drink.

5) Sitting around the living room floor talking and talking and talking - as a family. Just being together. Then because we talked so long we popped popcorn and sat talking for another hour and a half. Family is such a beautiful thing!

Coming soon: A belated picture diary of a recent excursion to Virginia Beach and a hike in my beloved Virginia mountains!