Tuesday, July 18, 2017

June 5th - July 18th

An afternoon recital for Nanny 

A very happy summer Mandevilla 

A very fun little gig in Courtland Virginia with dear friends

A golf outing with Daniel

Beautiful old clubs for a new golfer

A shopping adventure for a rapidly growing gentleman

A stunning summer sunset across the vestiges of an old ship down in the marsh

A happy new mug from a church friend

Funny lessons and good posture

Late night reading with people who love it just as dearly

Late night letter writing

A Wedding Trip

A lovely gift with sweet layers of meaning from Mum 

Some beautiful prayers read when sleep wouldn't come in the wee hours before trip began


Some of the most exquisitely delicious southern cuisine I have ever experienced in my life

My handsome man :) 

Chivalry and Spanish Moss 

Finally in Jacksonville!!!!

One of my favorite parts of the trip: the hymn sing!!

Getting ready

One last shot at Mama's house before heading to the church

Isn't she absolutely stunning? 

Miss Jen's amazing Banana cake

There are so many dearly held thoughts and moments from that day that I'm treasuring up but haven't yet got into words. For now these tiny shots (from many people's cameras) will have to do as a beginning. 

Back to my (Virginia) Home

A new evening tradition with the siblings began this week: a chapter of George MacDonald and a morsel of something yummy!! This week that meant a lot of wedding cake...which we never got tired  of in the least. That Lemon!!

My Mandevilla quickly weaving its summer curtain of blooms around my picture window

A summer storm rolling in on the marsh

A Trader Joes trip and an excuse to buy and arrange some flowers 

More cake and more George MacDonald

Busch Gardens with Josh before the Josh Turner Concert

Sunday Morning worship with a wonderful team

Hymn Sing Preparation

The littlest member taking it all in

River, David and Abigail deep in conversation 

River the Torch Bearer!! :) 

A few old time tunes

Eden playing taters for a very fast round of Soldiers Joy to end the night.