Saturday, August 20, 2016

The last, golden days of summer

Gymnastics and good conversation with Melody 

Enjoying having a Vitamix again!!

My newest study decoration: a beautiful old family bible. 

Baker's Crust $6 pizzas on Thursdays :) 

The one sport I really get into is gymnastics so the past two months of competitions leading up to and culminating in the olympics has been so much fun. Watching Simone absolutely crush every record in the books was exhilarating!! But since I've rooted for Aly for years, I may have screamed when she finally won her much deserved silver :)  In a public place. And then I continued to shake with pure happiness for 2 hours.  

Daniel and I joined a gym and have enjoyed getting to spend some time together in the afternoons as workout buddies. He's a good one!!

Last Saturday, I went to Norfolk to run errands and attend a meeting with other Suzuki teachers in Hampton roads. Ben used to live in Norfolk and I made the mistake of going to our favorite sushi place and coffee shop while I was there. It made for a bittersweet and somewhat tearful afternoon. I sure do miss that man. 

Late night reading 

Thursday, I went into work early and then taught in the afternoon which meant a makeshift at home workout. I was shooting for 6 workouts this week and I made it! On to week two...

This morning, Sarah Beth and I went out for breakfast together at The Plaid Turnip!!

Saturday is my day to cook, and we had to use up tomatoes, clementines, and a spring green mix.

This afternoon, I took a leisurely drive out to Smithfield to meet up with Melody for a romp in the marshes, a few hours of great conversation under a shady tree and a delicious dinner at the Smithfield Inn.