Sunday, November 12, 2017

November (and a tad bit of catch up)

So much has happened since the last post and it would take way too long to try to capture it all here. There also been a myriad of little moments, not caught by the camera which in some ways represent more of the heart of what life has been the last weeks than these pictures do. But I'll post a few and let that serve as memory hooks for the rest. God has been dizzyingly good and faithful in the midst of a lot of stretching and failing and growing and learning to surrender in faith little by little, day by day.

Camping in the mountains with Melody and Josh

Luray Caverns on the way back!

A dinner party hosted by my ever-dearer friend Leia Boudet

Caleb, Peter and Josh - Bible study brothers (and hams)

The last night warm enough for a beach walk under the stars

Montessori violins

Competition day for Alexa and Penelope

Suit shopping!

Daniel's 18th Birthday. T'was a Humpty Dumpty sort of day full of favorite jokes and lots of quotes.

Babysitting the most adorable little munchkins...

First time cutting Josh's hair. Don't worry: this was before not after :) 

A night at the Symphony

On November 11th, Josh had the day off and took me on a drive out to Smithfield to show me a house that he is hoping to call his own in a month or so if all the details check out as expected. It is a cozy Dutch farmhouse built in 1806 and full of story. As wonderful as the house is, I believe it is the place itself that so captures you as you drive up that long driveway and are welcomed into the yard by a hedge of ancient boxwoods. There are quite a few small things Josh hopes to personalize (ripping out a bit of carpet here, staining the light wood to a rich dark hue, adding a wood stove to that chimney in the kitchen etc) but it is so perfectly him and I'm so so happy for him!!

A beautiful chest from Josh with a mountain acorn nestled into the leaves, waiting patiently in the dark and guarding the seed of life and strength it holds within until the day that it can be joyfully  planted in long prepared soil...

A sibling walk and leaf collecting adventure to the Point 

First acorn squash of the season

Seminary Class with Pastor Daniel 

Happy new mason jar lids

My mama's awesome thrift store find!

Les Miserable viewing party and jam session with a bunch of my high school students :) 

"Southern Snow" on the way home from an amazing morning at Church. We had communion today following a wonderful sermon and all of it was so deeply refreshing!

Lark rise to Candleford with the fire on and the candles lit was the perfect way to spend the evening

Finishing a wonderful day in God's house and with God's people by picking out our daily readings for the week was so wonderful and is becoming a treasured "liturgy" for the two of us. Having those passages read to you by a bass voice that has become very dear is definitely a happy perk of those times :)