Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Last Few Months - February

My view for much of the women's conference, worshipping with a dear team of women (and some of our fellas too :) 

The view from our suite at the Founder's Inn

A surprise day trip to the mountains to celebrate my Joshua's Birthday. It was SO cold but stunningly beautiful with ice sparkling from every twig!

The little corner of an upstairs room at Cedarhaven that holds many quiet hopes. 

A happy night at home, enjoying two of my Christmas presents from Jacksonville family! 

The Study at Cedarhaven

A date night in Smithfield 

Hand made dish clothes from our dear Emily Arters

Coffee in our new "mountains" mug :) 

Some poetry in the study

More poetry on the porch after a lovely dinner with Josh's parents at Cedarhaven

Cedarhaven beginning to come alive!

Valentine's Day began at 2 am for Josh and I with a shift at Church helping out with the Night Stay Program for the homeless here in Suffolk. It was such a sweet time together and with some of our brothers and sisters from Westminster! 

Josh brought roses and lilies and amazing dark chocolate with him to the church. There was something so poignant about sitting in the dark, half a sleep, looking at those roses and seeing his strong, happy eyes so delighted to be serving God and his people at 2 in the morning... it just made me love him more than ever. 

That night we went to an Ash Wednesday service at Christ and St. Lukes which was stunningly beautiful and so refreshing! 

Then it was off to an absolutely delectable 6 course dinner at The Monastery in Norfolk. I felt so deeply loved beyond words. 

A rainy day soaking in the peace of the creek at Cedarhaven after some work clearing the brambles off the old smoke house. 

A hockey game with Josh's family!

Our first wedding gift!

Dinner at Cedarhaven with my family! 

Our chalkboard hung in the kitchen!

A patch of Cedarhaven forest

A gift and note from my dearest Lindsey that made me cry happy tears.  

An unforgettable night of star gazing and starry eyed gazing ;)

A bit of was so happy to be hitting the greens again!

 A leather project that turned out happily as a birthday present for my dear Melody!

We spent an afternoon horseback riding and picnicking to celebrate twenty years of rich friendship and birthdays shared. 

Time with these dear women (Lynne and Leia)! I love the way they love Jesus and others so well!!

A sick day spent in the quiet of Cedarhaven. 

Sitting up for a few hours after lots of napping to address invitations in the dark (the power was out from high winds). 

Sunshine at last!

Listening to my favourite voice reading excerpts from sermons of Meister Eckhart was pretty much the perfect kind of Saturday evening :) 

My new tiny reading lantern from Mrs. Raby :) 

Reading from the book of Daniel together...

Mailing a set of invitations! :) 

Picking out a few tunes after a wonderful vespers reading. They have been especially rich full of reflections on the cross and the mighty Love of God!

I'm deeply grateful for this past week's "forced" rest that allowed for time to process the many thoughts and emotions, successes and failures, hopes and fears of the last few nonstop months. Our God is unspeakably Good, unimaginably Faithful and triumphantly Just - a beauty of Holiness which we can only begin to taste now but will know in bursting exultation in Eternity when he comes to make all things new!!!

Even so come, Lord Jesus!!