Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Day of Rest, The Day of the Lord, A Day of Joy...

I think today was one of the happiest Sundays I can remember. 

Today I'm so thankful 
for a day of rest
for redemption
for repentance 
for the corporate feast of communion
for unexpected fellowship
for a whole day with the man that God has so undeservedly blessed me with the chance to know 
for the Pratts and the privilege of living life with them and in their home
for the fact that God thought up life, with its shifting seasons full of beauty and complexity


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Rehearsals, Studying, A Hospital Visit and Senior Banquet

Rehearsals, Papers, A Hospital Visit and Senior Banquet...seems like a enough for one week :)

Sharing a table with Lindsey and her wall of senior thesis material was one of the happy highlights of this entire week. 

After a good day of studying and a long walk with my favorite man, I came home to watch a film for class in the basement where, apparently, the day's spring cleaning had stirred up something I'm highly allergic to. By 2 am my eyes were swelling up and my throat was closing so we decided to head to the ER just in case. Some adrenaline and a lot of Benadryl later, I was just fine. 

Thanks to the Benadryl and the same paper which I've been working on all week, I saw a lot of this view. 

And this view...

And happily this view! :)

Easter Vigil rehearsals...

And Senior Banquet tonight! So many memories and feelings... 

And finally back to the gym after a week of Benadryl :) Time on the bike allowed me to start the next book for my World History which is already making me think, and cry, and go a little numb all at once.