Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

A very refreshing bike ride in the steady rain

Warm and dry again, I got to hang out with Daniel and wrap presents by candlelight.

My beautiful Mommy :)

My cousin's little girl...she absolutely melts me!!

After time with my Dad's family, Ben and I went for pizza. We had such a great time!!

Then I came home and fell asleep watching this...

This morning the whole family woke up and decorated the table for our favorite breakfast: coffee cake, sausage and eggs. 

We opened gifts and sang hymns together

Lunch (with real sweet tea :)

Then Sarah Beth and I went for Sonic and a country drive.

Isn't she so beautiful?? 

After dinner, Mum and I went to see Unbroken - a film about one of my heroes, Louis Zamperini 

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

'Twas the week before Christmas...

A morning adventure to the theater with sweet little Emily

Notes from students

Lucy, Age 3 

Lauren, Age 9

Wednesday: Hobbit with Austin

It's hard to believe that this picture, taken at the last Hobbit premiere, was just a year ago

A great last-few-days-of-teaching workout...
(And that's just a ball-point doodle on my arm for any wondering :)

One of my unbelievably cute little ladies coloring after her lesson

Packing for break

New hockey fan shirts

A very typical Rebecca travel purse: tissues, allergy medicine, wallet and six books. 

I'm off to Virginia!!!

With my favorites at last!!!!

Look at that beautiful smile!

Our favorite spot

Whole foods adventure

Beautiful Colonial decorations in Old Town Suffolk

Back on the kitchen floor...perhaps my favorite spot on earth because of all the 
life and conversations that have happened there. 

Daddy headed off to work

A quiet morning to read and just be together

Making green smoothies

A very happy package in the mail

Stratego with this handsome young man 

Hobbit (for the third time) with Daniel and Mum. We had fun...can you tell?