Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Break Part III

A safe trip back to Wheaton through the sunrise

Breakfast and a wonderful church service with my favorite man...the same gentleman who was willing to get up very early to pick me up from the airport this morning 

A wonderful lunch and coffee with Jaime, Levi and Austin

A beautiful walk around the Cantigny golf course while Austin got in some practice

Grocery shopping done, a few afternoon moments with Josh and Emily, tea with a friend, flowers - full of the fragrance and color of spring...there were so many undeserved and beautiful gifts from God today.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring Break 2014 Part II

Wednesday: A walk through the neighborhood, soaking in the first signs of spring. 

Some Lego time with Daniel...this guy was one of the many distractions to finding pieces for the current project: the Tower of Orthanc. But how could we resist? What a little stud muffin.  

Dinner time brought some tasty sushi and the beginning of a treasured evening with my big brother Ben. I've missed this man so much...

Thursday: Tea with my Sister! Definitely one of the highlights of the week!

Friday: A Haircut (10 inches!) I'm still in the grief stage if you can't tell :P 

Daddy and us kids spent the evening watching the stars come out one by one and the moon rise over the roof and listening to this roaring beauty pop and crackle. I was very good. I didn't even blow up marshmallows this time! :P  

Things did get a little crazy by the end of the night, though :P 

Spring Break Part I

Saturday: A beautiful flight home through the late afternoon sun

Sunday: Home church service, lunch with Mum, a good nap, evening service with my big brother, and cheering on a volleyball game with the family. 

That blur is The Flying Giant :) My big brother is back in the game and looking good! 

Monday: Front porch time with Mum and Dad before heading down to our favorite beach in 
Duck, North Carolina. 

The Cotton of our favorite stops on the drive down. 

I couldn't resist a little silliness :P 

Lunch at the Lifesaving station in Duck.

One particular man who is working very hard with his golf team in Arizona this week was missed rather a lot on this trip. So the family decided he should make it into this album. I didn't object :)

My Handsome brother...he's growing up so fast! 

Dinner on the Beach! We saved an apple for you, Austin! I sampled it to make sure it was crisp. And then I finished it because it was. 

Tuesday: A full day on the beach with lots of time to think and pray and read and walk and eat delicious food and talk for hours with Mum. I couldn't have asked for a more refreshing day! 
This sunrise alone would have been enough to complete the day...