Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sundays (and a little in between)

Last Sunday afternoon was String Academy Recital day (6 hours)!

Which required half priced sushi for fortification

Later that week this happened. *happy eyebrows*

Thursday means FaceTime bible study with Mum!!

Today brought church and then a glorious walk at Morton Arboretum...

...and unintentionally mudding my Sperrys... (This is the last clean picture of them. Totally worth it!)

...and finding leaves twice the size of my head...

...and lots of sunshine (I took a delicious nap in it).

My tree has melted into a gentle yellow.

Tonight, I got to have dinner with a dear old friend and then take a Geneva drive. We just happened to end up at Grahams 318. ;)

This week has left me so grateful for God's grace to me: 
1) Showing me how desperately I need him constantly, with every breath.
2) Showing me how graciously He delights to provide for my deepest needs, tangibly confirming His promise to always provide a way to carry out what He has called me to do. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

The last few weeks in pictures

Friday Night = Cleaning (Karaoke) Night :P 

Saturday Night: Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra concert with Abbie! 

(Which needed a Suzette's dinner before it) 

(And then a cozy fire at home) 

A quiet Sunday afternoon preparing for the week. 

And Les Mis with "healthy" Chocolate Cake

And good coffee

Fresh Tomato Soup

A rare night tucked away at the library for the pure pleasure of it.

An early morning Grahams by the fire. 

Donuts and cuddle with my favorite little munchkin :)

Then Mama came!!

A beautifully brisk day at Kuipers picking Candy Crisps and Ida Reds (for a pie! :)

My student and I got to watch compete in the Concert Competition 
(and totally rock it!!!!)

Celebrational gluten free cookies

Nelson's Lake with Mum

Egg Harbor and Third St with Mum