Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Full Week

Bach's 332nd Birthday

A few days nice enough to be outside and enjoy the sunshine without a jacket!! 

Sushi with Josh before our first time at the BSF Young Adults study! It was really really wonderful and we can't wait for Tuesday to come around again! Seems to be a great group of folks and the daily at home study has been so refreshing! It's wonderful to get to study the last section of John and spend so much time soaking in the correlating passages in the other gospels and OT prophecies right now during Lent! 

On Saturday morning, Sarah Beth and I had a lovely drive and breakfast at our favorite little down home breakfast spot, The Plaid Turnip. We got to enjoy the history splashed across an old building in a mural of City Hall in 1800's and then enjoyed looking at and savoring our favorite aspects of a bunch of Claude Monet paintings on the iPad while we waited for our Waffle :) 

Saturday afternoon, Daddy and Josh and I went fishing at the pond near the Raby's house. 

I caught 4 Bass, 1 Sunfish and about 30 trees :)  

...that is if you count this cute little guy as one of the 5 :) 

After fishing, I got to stay for dinner at the Raby's where we mastered some fantastic steaks and jammed out on fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin in just about every style.

This morning, Josh and my Mum and I got to go to Westminster together where the Sermon and worship were such an incredible refreshment and challenge! That deserves a separate blog post so I'll leave that for a little later. 

After church, the three of us got to go to lunch and enjoy lots of conversation before Josh and I took advantage of another gorgeous day to go to the zoo. My favorite part of the afternoon was the time we spent in an enchanting grove of Magnolias at one edge of the zoo. The picture doesn't begin to do it justice. The dappled sunshine made all the sleepy foliage glow a deep and lively green and the air smelled sweet with growing things and the whispering spring breezes stroked away the strands of hair loosened by windows down drives.


"Our eyes on the islands but our feet on the sand
Our ears to the silence but a clap in our hands"
(Southern Seamstress - Humming House )

"...that in everything [Christ] may have the supremacy."
(Colossians 1:18)


Sunday, March 19, 2017

Treasure Shelf Week X and XI

9) Brothers Karamazov
(Fyodor Dostoevsky)
Book III: Chapters 1-3

13) The Man Who Was Thursday 
(G.K. Chesterton)
Chapters 6 - 9

16) City of God
(St. Augustine)
Book I: Chapters 9-36
Book II: Chapters 1-20

18) Of Mice and Men 
(John Steinbeck)
Full Text


Daddy's Birthday!! 

A romp on a cold morning in a nearby park with Daniel

PC: Daniel Weddle

PC: Daniel Weddle

PC: Daniel Weddle

PC: Daniel Weddle

PC: Daniel Weddle

PC: Daniel Weddle

PC: Daniel Weddle

PC: Daniel Weddle

PC: Daniel Weddle

very happy gift

STAHR's Annual Suzuki Workshop was this weekend! It was so incredibly refreshing and inspiring as a teacher and my kids had a great time!!!

Many of the STAHR teachers in one room planning for next year!

A couple of my kids are in this picture with the legendary (and hilarious) Terry Durbin

Another one of my students in a late night lesson :) 
Check out that mid song left hand posture and pro bow arm!!! 
3 months of lessons is looking pretty good on you, Sir!!

I'm thinking these three little princesses might be future students one day. On RSA days they like to sneak in during my break, steal my carrots and ask to play my pretend violin and old hairless bow. Here they are up to their usual antics with the usual adorable giggles :) 

Saturday night was spent in a much anticipated edition of Saturday night Pie featuring a banjo/fiddle/guitar jam session and hymn sing with the talented and always fascinating Josh Raby. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Treasure Shelf Week IX

This was quite a hodgepodge reading week. I seemed to be constantly without the book I'd planned to read or too sleepy to keep up with my main book for the week without dropping off. So I ended up with the following collection of chapters: 

9) Brothers Karamazov
(Fyodor Dostoevsky)
Book II: Chapters 5-8

13) The Man Who Was Thursday 
(G.K. Chesterton)
Chapters 3 - 5

14) The Count of Monte Cristo
(Alexandre Dumas)
Chapters 1 & 2

15) Frankenstein 
Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley
Letters 1 - 4 and Chapter 1

16) City of God
St. Augustine
Chapters 1 - 8

17) Loving Jesus
(Mark Allen Powell)
Chapters 1 & 2

This week I got to try my hand at Almond Crusted Brie. It didn't turn out badly for a first attempt!! 

Saturday Night Pie! :) 

A last minute ticket to see The Russian National Ballet's production of Cinderella with Prokofiev's magical score! Such a lovely time with new friends from church!

A very happy card in the mail today!!

Strawberries and candles and listening to the Lent playlist I've had for several years now with Sarah Beth!