Monday, April 29, 2013

Wheaton College Symphony Orchestra Banquet

In view of the busy day of tests and performances tomorrow, this will mainly be a picture post. Due to low lighting and the use of my phone camera, the quality is not that great, but I still couldn't resist putting up a few favorite glimpses of a lovely evening. 

The Photobooth
Typical Quintet moment. 

Isn't she just lovely? I was so thrilled that Lindsey was able to come with me tonight! It was an evening to treasure... 

Riverside Receptions


It's a bad picture but still captures the love :) 

So thankful for a wonderful 4 years with this girl...we've learned, laughed and grown so much together. I can't wait to see what God has for each of us in the years to come!

My handsome Lil' Bro. So proud of him as he completes a really terrific Freshman year!


Being crazy...and lovin' it :) 

With my beautiful standpartner, Hannah!

A dear friend indeed...what would I do without you Faith? 
This picture sums up a lot of the evening: two sleep deprived, high-strung best friends = LOTS of laughter :) 

So thankful for this woman...

Dessert. Yum.

Live Jazz throughout the evening. 

A Beautiful Geneva evening. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday 04/26/13

1) The opportunity to play with the Symphony Orchestra in Chapel this morning. The message to follow by Chaplain Kellogg on the Sovereignty of God was especially meaningful and well timed. 

2) A brief exploration with the boys up to see their new, well appointed tree house. I love the happy look of adventure in Nathan's eyes! 

3) A productive (and fun!) Friday afternoon violin studio class. My performance was rather rough but I learned a lot and the comments were helpful. 

4) A lovely dinner with new and old friends at The Bank in downtown Wheaton. Definitely an adventure we will need to repeat!!

5) Dinner was followed by a wonderful concert by the Men's Glee Club. 

6) Photography as a means of capturing little glimpses of beauty all around us. Just a few of the views that caught my attention from the last few days: 

Fresh Citrus

Time Shared with Friends. Isn't she beautiful? 

Breakfast at Blackberry Market

A Lunch at Noodles Inc.

Cookies in the making


A wonderful little coffee shop downtown

Wouldn't you agree? 

 7) The opportunity to enjoy a good friend's recently compiled photography portfolio and glimpse another facet of the beautiful heart behind it. Check out her work here and be sure to visit the "About" section to read her perspective on photography as a means to capture the infinite glimpses of common grace which fill our days. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday 04/24/13

Today was an unusually refreshing day in these last pressure-filled weeks of the Spring Term. Today's catalogue of joys included: 

1) Breakfast with Tabitha at delightful cafe. (Pictures to come :) 

2) Conservatory Chapel this morning. The message and songs were exactly what my heart needed to be reminded of. Three passages were especially poignant: 
"Delight yourself in the Lord...and he will give you the desires of your heart." 
"Commit your way to the Lord, trust in him and he will do this."
"Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him"

3) A refreshing lunch out with a mentor and dear friend. Thank you Mrs. Henry for your friendship, guidance and support over the last few years!!

4) A canceled lesson and a rescheduled rehearsal made for a lighter afternoon than expected and created space for a leisurely call home, extra practice and a few minutes in the beautiful sunshine. 

5) A window's down drive to one of my favorite spots in time for a walk to the sunset.

 6) More productive practice in the evening and the pleasure of sharing a special treat with Lindsey:

Strawberries, Cucumber, Orange and a sprig of Mint on ice and topped up with sparkling lemonade. So. Good. 

7) The song "When Trials Come" by the Gettys. I needed the reminder these lyrics brought tonight. 

When trials come no longer fear
For in the pain our God draws near
To fire a faith worth more than gold
And there His faithfulness is told
And there His faithfulness is told

Within the night I know Your peace
The breath of God brings strength to me
And new each morning mercy flows
As treasures of the darkness grow
As treasures of the darkness grow

I turn to Wisdom not my own 
For every battle You have known
My confidence will rest in You
Your love endures Your ways are good
Your love endures Your ways are good

When I am weary with the cost
I see the triumph of the cross
So in its shadow I shall run
Till You complete the work begun
Till You complete the work begun

One day all things will be made new
I'll see the hope You called me to 
And in your kingdom paved with gold
I'll praise your faithfulness of old
I'll praise your faithfulness of old

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Treasury of Small Joys

1) Preparing food

2) The varied textures and bright colors of food

3) The cheerful crackling sounds made by the fish as it cooked

4) The fresh scent of lemon 

5) Evening walks. This particular walk was taken in the company of one of my dearest friends, adding the refreshing joy - something like relief - of rich, substantial conversation.

6) The verdant green of early spring

7) The brisk flow of streams after heavy rains. This bank served as a perfect spot to sink into the grass, barefoot, and talk undisturbed as we soaked up the last golden rays of the afternoon sun. 

8) The sunset just as we reached home

9) Baked hot chocolate and warm clothes to compliment the chill of the evening air. 

10) Waking with the birds in time to soak in the breathtaking splendor of this morning's sunrise by the stream.  

11) The enchantment of a misty wood at sunrise. 

 12) Work accomplished early in a setting of beauty and order

 13) A perfect cup of Lady Grey