Sunday, February 28, 2016

From Pieces to Peace.

Sunday 2/21/16
Lunch with my Clara Bug. Isn't she the cutest? 
(And no: I didn't let her eat all that whipped cream. I'd like to retain my aunt status :)

Then we took a long drive around Morton Arboretum and listened to the entire Schubert Quintet.
I think she fell asleep for half of it, sweet little darlin'

Lake Marmo

Then it was a wonderful ladies bible study at BlackBerry Market before heading back to Batavia for a long forest preserve walk with a friend.

Batavia's original Train Station

The skating rink fed by the Fox river

The walk left us hungry so it was off to Portillos for dinner and then to Steak and Shake for delicious shakes and more great conversation. 

Monday began with a delightful exploration of the less paved side of the preserve

Monday afternoon included a delicious mocha, the first maxi skirt of the season and this lovely moment when I realized that I'd locked my keys, purse and instrument in the car. In front of my students house. That was an expensive 15 seconds. 

Monday night brought Ben and Shanna to town! What an absolute delight to spend time with these two!!

Bed time talks are the best

Breakfast at Buttermilk

My personal pot of cream :)

Thursday morning FaceTime book study with Mum. 

Sweet reminders from story: truth from head to skin to heart.

Flowers from my sweet Abbie after an emotionally exhausting couple of days

Candid moment in the process of trying to take a posed picture with two of my precious students. This one remained my favorite somehow. You can see a glimpse of their sweet little personalities and  it captures the kinds of moments I treasure most in teaching. Life on life. 

Today included an amazing church service and sweet interactions with friends at College church as well as lots of nature and reading. These first few shots are from lake and grounds surrounding Peck house and farm.

The chilly wind eventually got to be too much for this southern girl and I migrated over to grahams for a few hours. And oh was it delicious :) 

Friday, February 19, 2016

So much happiness in one week...

Late nights staying warm, eating chocolate and talking with this hard working woman. 

This little guy was majorly inspired by his older studio buddy Caleb last saturday at the recital and he can't get enough of exploring the violin this week! Makes this teacher's heart happy :) 

Lots of friends came to lessons this week! On the distinguished list were Anna, a stormtrooper, Rainbow dash, 2 Transformers, a collection of owls, and about 100 Shopkins.  

Keeping those middle fingers grounded. 

A pillow for Thumbkin. 

Delicious Thai food and good conversation with a new friend on a starlit night in downtown Batavia. 

Concert prep tradition

A spontaneous lunch break trip to Morton Arboretum 

I made a new friend! His name is Bernard. 

Bernard seems to enjoy posing for pictures. Either that or he has some serious attitude. 

"My flesh also will dwell in will make me full of gladness with your presence"

Delicious dinner

...wordless happy chocolate eyebrows