Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tan lines and Fireflies

Thursday, Mommy and I went to the Meet and Greet for teachers at Renaissance School of the Arts. By the grace of God, it was a tremendous success and I came home with 10 more students and passed out cards to a handful more who may be interested in coming to the house for trial lessons. We went out to a favorite Italian restaurant in northern suffolk to celebrate.

Afterwards, I stopped by this adorable store just up the creek. 

Then it was off to teach in Virginia Beach...

...then to my favorite coffee shop for some work before church music team rehearsal back in Suffolk at Westminster. 

Saturday morning, I headed out to the beach for one of the last really warm days we are set to have this summer. It was glorious to roll about in the waves and soak up the sun before flopping down on the warm sand to sip on fresh squeezed lemonade from the boardwalk and fall asleep to the sound of the crashing waves. 

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and working back at Cafe Stella. 

Saturday night is my night to cook dinner which lately has meant lots of grilling (steaks this week) and experimenting with potatoes (rosemary/honey/lemon this week).

The last flush of our climbing roses have been especially beautiful and fragrant! 

The sun set on my way to the store and I just had to pull off and walk to the edge of the marsh to take it in. 

Sunday afternoon reading and correspondence from the sunny picture window in my room. 

The new toy in our house this week :) Daniel is the only one who can do a proper pull up without any assistance from his legs to get started, but we're all having some good laughs and getting stronger :) 

We've been moving around furniture this week for Daniel's new study set up (a wonderful craigslist find!). In the process of the shuffle one of my bookcases full of favorite volumes ended up beside my favorite study chair. That there is a dangerous combination :P 

Student artwork from a trial lesson last week

Sunday night found Daniel and I listening through Bach's Sonatas and Partitas while he studied and I read. 

The wonderful, end of the night peacefulness that comes with a clean kitchen and fresh laundry for the start of a new week. 

Monday night, Sarah Beth and Daniel and I took what I hope to the first of many a "Poetry Walk." We wandered down to our favorite spot and took turns reading stanzas of a few poems in the last, golden light of the afternoon. 

(D. Weddle)

(D. Weddle)

(D. Weddle)

(D. Weddle)

(D. Weddle)

(D. Weddle)

(D. Weddle)