Friday, April 3, 2015


Toes ready for Virginia soil sand and sun

The flight arrived in time for Burton's Grill and seeing Cinderella with Mum before heading home for dessert and lots of laughs with the whole family

Saturday morning brought breakfast at the Swan Terrace

After breakfast we headed home to take refuge from the chilling wind that sprung up. 

It was a wonderful day to curl up and read!

And play Stratego

And eventually take wrap up for a neighborhood walk with my Sarah Beth

(I like this picture even though I look like a strange blue bearded hobbit:)

Sunday brought church, lunch for Mum and I at a favorite Chinese restaurant, a nap, a dinner date with Daddy and then a fire on the back patio. 

Monday, we had a fitbit "competition" which started with a walk

The last day, the weather cleared to a perfect sunny morning and we headed down to our favorite beach in North Carolina.

(The hat lasted about 5 minutes because if I took my hand away the wind blew it clear off my head!)

Left to Right: Red Lipped Classic (RLC), Southern Gentleman and Ducky in her natural habitat. 

Somewhere along the way a jacket was forgotten, so Daniel donned my blanket as a cloak. The wind and his majestically regal air made it all rather entertaining. 

Then we tried self timer pictures. We won't subject you to all the results but it was pretty hilarious. (Especially the part where i had to jump over little eddies of water and reach my position in 5 seconds.)

I'm so thankful for these precious days at home with my family. Not all of it was easy: there were tears as I processed work stress, worries, my own selfishness and memories. But I came back so refreshed mentally, and in heart towards my Savior. I came back with fresh purpose for work. I came back with greater desire to spend time in the scriptures, in prayer and in service. I came back with delight the gospel and in the God of the gospel. I came back at peace. 

"My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. 
Trouble not your hearts. 
My peace I leave you, my peace I give you. 
Be not afraid."