Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring in the air and in the blood

A healthy start to the week with a new bench pressing PR 

A quiet evening at home with left over recital candles

Yummy dinner all ready to go

Enjoying a short teaching break with all the essentials. (I finished Anna Karenina this week!)

Last Friday night Austin and I got to go see an excellent high school production of Guys and Dolls at Wheaton Academy! My student Shannon performed in the pit orchestra and did a fine job on a very difficult part! Grand fun :)

Unfortunately, I managed to contract one of the many nasty bugs going around and that kept me in bed for most of the weekend. The upside was lots of time to read, watch a favorite film or two, listen to a lot of good music and chuckle at the quotes on the inside of the (many) cough drop papers that were unwrapped over this week..

(Or perhaps "sneeze the day" as the case may be?)

(All these are much funnier with a stuffy nose. "Dake charge and Beat it")

The beginning of a new week brought happy weather 

Monday night, I finished early enough for coffee and gelato at Marianos with Austin...a happy start to the week. 

Studio corner at String Academy with new AOTW additions. (Check it out here!)

The first bud poked its way out early this week!

Gia Mia's for a late dinner and spring walk with Austin. 

An hour or two of late night office work accompanied by Ravi Zacharias podcasts and Ghiradelli Brownies afterwards.

Getting to sneak a listen to an old friend's recording session Friday Morning. Nolan has such an incredible voice and artists soul!

Blackberry market for a String Academy Meeting. It's a hard life...

Sunshine = gelato whenever possible.

...and happy french jazz

...and a good book

...and happy toes!

Friday night I got to go see little Emily and Josh Pratt perform in their GreenHouse play, "Children of the American Revolution." They did so great and it was fun to catch up with the family a bit.

Then it was home to prepare for Saturday's 10 hour teaching day  

Inspiring new music over a quick snack break

Some students recorded their assignments for the upcoming violin olympics at CODA. This was the general sentiment on completion :) 

Sunday afternoon involved a nap and rainy spring walk before cooking dinner for the first few days of the week and doing laundry and cleaning (and singing and dancing around) the house. 

This is the last weekend before our annual Violin Olympics at CODA and this year my littles get to participate. Tonight I got to make up their little charts. In the process I may have found a few other reward stickers :) Sales and all that, you know. 

Eventually it struck midnight and you know what happens then. 

All brought to you courtesy of...