Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Winter Blessings

Major Snow Day at home with the Pratts

Yes that's a face down body print. No it is not mine. Yes **insert junior high boy's name here** is still alive. I think he earned some man card points for the video. 

Afternoon tasty warmup between lessons.

Long, cold, icy nights full of memories everywhere - beautiful, stinging, memories.

Sometimes these days are still hard despite all the beauty surrounding me. I don't find yet that one cancels the other out. Joy and pain are sometimes in the same breath. And both are from God's good hand. "The Lord gives and Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." I'm praying often that I can faithfully and honestly pray that declaration of worship in every moment and during every task, with every joy and through each tear. Even though these days carry difficult hours, they are rich too - full of opportunities to savor my God as the Dearest of Treasures, the Faithful One, the Just Judge, my Eternal Father and the Giver of all good gifts. 

Summer tunes

Movie prep with little helpers.

Movie time: Junior High Boy Edition

Winter Night Skies. 

Cough. Delicious. Cough. 

An Abbie Mocha

The happiest of breakfasts with Abbie

New Strings for my baby. 

Homecooked dinners 

Car wash to get rid of all the salty gunk. Lasted about 12 hours. Still worth it. 

Texts with Emily 

Happy Nails

Fun teaching moments with sweet students :)

There are many ways of teaching a proper bow hold. 

Smoothie Time

Valentines Present from Mummzy

"Healthy" Strawberry Shortcake

Reading in the best position... 

...with the best company

Dessert with my munchkin "niece,"her parents and "uncles" Justin and Nathan. 

Late nights after work in Pierce. So quiet. 

Beautiful flowers from Trader Joe's. Spring exists somewhere in this world!!

Valentines day card from my Daddy!

Valentines Day Party with these lovely ladies!

Cold COLD Sunday

Afternoon cleaning with Katie. 
(And by that I mean I cleaned and she stole my phone and took an unbelievable number of pictures)

Look at all those Checks!! What a trooper!

Sunset tonight from the third floor studios in Pierce

Coming home to find these on my bedside table